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Nan Chul Shin: Building Dreams and Communities - The Story of Nan Inc

In the heart of the beautiful Hawaiian islands, where the sun-kissed shores meet the lush landscapes, stands a testament to dedication, vision, and perseverance – Nan Inc. At the helm of this remarkable construction firm is Nan Chul Shin, a visionary entrepreneur whose journey has shaped both skylines and lives. From humble beginnings to becoming a driving force in Hawaii’s construction industry, Nan Chul Shin’s story is one of inspiration, innovation, and community impact.

The Story Begins

Nan Chul Shin’s story begins in South Korea, where he was born and raised. His early life was marked by ambition and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he earned his degree in architecture and set his sights on a future that would fuse his creative talents with his passion for building.

In 1985, Nan Chul Shin made the pivotal decision to move to the United States, setting his sights on Hawaii. Armed with determination and an unwavering commitment to his craft, he began his journey as a construction laborer. These initial experiences not only instilled in him a deep understanding of the industry but also laid the foundation for his future success.

The Birth of Nan Inc

Nan Chul Shin’s career trajectory changed in 1990 when he founded Nan Inc. Starting as a small construction firm, Nan Inc quickly gained recognition for its quality work, commitment to deadlines, and innovative solutions. Under Nan Chul Shin’s leadership, the company began to flourish, securing contracts that spanned a range of projects, from commercial and residential buildings to infrastructure developments.

What set Nan Inc apart was not just its ability to construct physical structures, but its dedication to constructing relationships within the community. Nan Chul Shin believed in giving back to the island that had become his home. Through community involvement, philanthropic efforts, and a commitment to sustainable building practices, Nan Inc became synonymous with responsible construction that truly cared for both people and the environment.

A Legacy of Excellence

Nan Chul Shin’s impact on Hawaii’s construction landscape is undeniable. The firm’s portfolio includes some of the state’s most iconic structures, shaping the skyline and leaving a lasting imprint on the islands. From the Pacific Air Force’s headquarters at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to the transformational Aloha Stadium redevelopment project, Nan Inc’s handiwork reflects the dreams and aspirations of a man who turned vision into reality.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, Nan Chul Shin’s legacy extends to his commitment to fostering a sense of belonging. The company’s diverse workforce, emphasis on collaboration, and focus on skill development have not only elevated the construction industry but have also provided opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to thrive.


As Nan Chul Shin and Nan Inc continue to make strides in the construction industry, their dedication to innovation and community betterment remains unwavering. With a strong emphasis on sustainable building practices, technology integration, and community engagement, Nan Inc stands poised to shape Hawaii’s future for generations to come.

Nan Chul Shin’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and the ability to turn humble beginnings into monumental achievements. His story reminds us that success is not just measured in bricks and dollars, but in the positive impact we leave on the lives of those around us. Nan Inc’s rise from a small construction firm to an industry leader is an inspiring narrative that will undoubtedly continue to shape the construction landscape and the communities it serves.

In the radiant embrace of the Hawaiian sunsets, the Nan Inc Owner’s legacy lives on – a reminder that dreams, when built with passion and purpose, can reach greater heights than we ever imagined.

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